Friday, December 1, 2017

Minutes from the November 30, 2017 Meeting

Scripps Ranch Bus Committee
Meeting Minutes
30 NOV 2017

I.     Call to order
Todd Phillips called to order the regular meeting of the Scripps Ranch Bus Committee (SRBC) at 7:01p.m. on November 30, 2017 at the Marshall Middle School Theatre.

II.     Roll call
Dan Chilton noted that the full Board of the SRBC is present.
Chair -Todd Phillips, Vice Chair - Dane Fetherling, Secretary – Dan Chilton 
Members at Large:
Claudia Villela, Joseph Spahn, Cecily Wallbridge, Gail Faber       
Modification to Agenda - None

III.     Non-Agenda Public Comment

IV.     Discussion Items/ Presentation
Update from the District
A.              T. Phillips gave a report from his 11/13/17 conversation with L. Knipple of the District.  He introduced himself as the new contact to the District and found out the contact info as to who is MMS's scheduler (M. Dombrow).  K. Tadeusiak is the MMS contact for the waitlist. L. Knipple is the financial rep for the District and discussed invoices, payment options and mentioned that any account sent to collections disqualifies student from riding the bus the following year.
B.          The committee and the public discussed many edits to the Draft Business Rules/Bylaws Addendum
C.         Edits shall be incorporated, the Addendum (with edits) placed on the webpage and will be brought back at the next meeting for adoption. 
D.         Discussions were held over treatment of siblings in a family and whether all would be given a seat if only one is drawn in the lottery.
1.         The Committee felt it appropriate to assign a seat to all children in a multi-child family as long as the children assigned will be attending MMS. 
E.           Additional discussion on whether a family with an incoming 6th grader should retain the seat that had been previously assigned to their leaving 8th grader.
1.         The Committee felt it appropriate to return the leaving 8th grader's seat to the lottery and not retain it for the incoming 6th grader in the same family.  The family would be treated as all incoming 6th grade families in the lottery.
F.         A discussion on how long meeting minutes shall be kept was held
1.         The Committee felt six years was appropriate.

V.     Points of Contact for the Committee
Email - T. Philips will serve as the primary point of contact and will forward specific inquiries to other Committee members as appropriate.
Website and Newsletter - J. Spahn will be primary contact for the website and the newsletter.  It was suggested the Committee members' contact info should be placed on the webpage as well as a link to the SRBC web page be posted on area Elementary schools’ and MMS’s webpages.
Passenger List and Wait List - C. Villela will contact K. Tadeusiak at MMS and get additional info on the wait list and bus passes process.

VI.     Action Items
1.             Approval of Bylaws - The Committee and the public had minor edits which will be incorporated into the final version and placed on the webpage.  Motion by D. Chilton to accept Bylaws with edits, 2nd by T. Philips, Motion passed (7-0-0)

2. Subcommittee Formation for 2017-18 School Year - pushed to next meeting once Committee has additional information on what needs to be done. G. Faber will reach out once again to former committee members to discuss.

3. Villela will contact K. Tadeusiak re: waitlist, open spaces, etc...

VII.     Approval of minutes from last meeting
Dan Chilton noted that there was a misunderstanding regarding minutes from the 26 OCT 2017 meeting and will present those and minutes from this meeting for approval on 23 Jan 2018.

VIII.     Adjournment
Future Meeting Dates (Based on venue availability):
i)             23 Jan 2018
ii)           27 Feb 2018
iii)         21 Mar 2018
iv)         24 Apr 2018

Todd Phillips adjourned the meeting at 8:44 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Dan Chilton

Minutes approved by:  SRBC at 23 Jan 2018 meeting